Homemade Baking

by YOU!

The Beginning of Bake it Box

We are a new business, click the video below to see how we make homemade baking easier by having all ingredients delivered to you. 

The "weigh" it works...

Step 1 - Choose your Bake it Box!

Select a recipe you want to bake including vegan and gluten free options.

Step 2 - Choose Delivery Date

Schedule the delivery to have it arrive on the most convenient day for you.

Step 3 - Wait for your Delivery

ALL baking ingredients delivered to your door after being carefully weighed and packaged.

Step 4 - Preheat the Oven

The moment you have been waiting for! Open your Bake it Box and let the fun begin!

Aprons at the Ready!

Tried and Tested

We baked and baked until we found recipes that we are proud to share with you. We hope you enjoy them!

Everything Measured

All baking kits have been carefully pre-measured for you, making the baking experience hassle free.

No need to Search

Why scroll through a countless number of recipes online when we have one that works right here?

No 'Blind' Baking

All ingredients are clearly labelled, so you get to see and know everything that is in your bake. 

Budding Baker Points

Earn 5 points for setting up an account and then an additional 2 points for everyone (up to a maximum of 5 people) that you get to sign up using your referral link which you will find on the account page oncee you have signed up.

Each point is worth £0.50 at checkout.