Welcome to Bake it Box!

The Faces Behind the Box

We are Stephen and Kelsi, Husband and Wife, and we love to bake!

We are currently university students and will both graduate in 2021. When we’re not studying, or working, one of our favourite things to do, apart from baking, is to travel! Not only do we travel to see the world but we travel to taste new foods. Our love for food, Kelsi’s passion for baking, and Stephen’s passion for business inspired us to come up with Bake it Box. 

Bake it Box means you don’t have to travel to find that sweet treat that you’re craving. Just be ready to open your Bake it Box, put your apron on, and and bake with a smile. We would love it if you share with us, through social media or through our website, how your bakes turn out. Please also share any tips and pictures. Join us and smell the success of freshly homemade bakes.

The Founders of Bake it Box
Bake it Boxes

What is Bake it Box?

Baker’s Box is a UK based business, founded in 2020, where boxes are sent in the post to customers with ALL baking ingredients included inside. 

Customers order their own Bake it Box by selecting which bake they want to try from our website. Our ‘Bakes’ page has many sweet treats with more to be added in the future! After customers have chosen their bake they can also choose ingredient add ons if desired/applicable. Next the customer selects a delivery date that suits them, completes their purchase and finally, waits eagerly for their Baker’s Box to arrive. 

Why YOU Need a Bake it Box...

Have you ever spent what seems like hours scrolling through baking recipes, comparing ingredients, and wondered what recipe to go for? You’re not alone if you have. 

Bake it Box means that you save the time and the hassle of searching for a recipe. All the recipes have been tried and tested by us and the bakes are only included on this website because we love them. 

Baking is supposed to be enjoyable and stress free so if this is something you want, order a Bake it Box today!


Our Vision:

Make Homemade Baking Fun and Easy for Everyone

Allow YOU to Feel Accomplished Through Baking