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If your Bake it Box contains perishable ingredients that will need to be chilled we will send the box out with next day delivery. However, if your box does not contain perishable goods/goods that need to be chilled, we will send them out 2nd class delivery unless your specified delivery day requires next day delivery. 

If you require your Bake it Box to be delivered the next day from purchase you will need to place your order before 2pm.

All perishable goods (see Q about what we class as this) will be sealed in a thermal pouch with a gel ice pack to ensure they are kept chilled during transport. Ingredients such as chocolate and coconut oil, although not perisbale, will be sent in these pouched during the warmer months to avoid melting.

Yes. If you have left us instructions for the delivery such as leave with neighbour/in porch, the delivery company will do that.

If your box does not arrive on the the day it is supposed to, please contact us and we will sort out the problem as quickly as possible.


We class the following items as perishable goods as they need to be chilled (thermal pouch with gel pack): milk, butter, cream cheese, cream, fresh berries…
In the summer/ warm weather chocolate and coconut oil will be classed as perishable as they melt and will need to be chilled.

Yes. Many of our recipes are already catered to GF and VG diets, however if you have a nut allergy/ any other allergy please contact us before making an order and we can see what we can do for you.

No. Every Bake it Box will contain ALL the ingredients in the recipe, plus any extras that you opt for. No need to pop to the shops.

If the quality of the ingredient/s has let you down please contact us. We are always looking to improve the recipes we use and advice on ingredient quality is welcome. 


You can amend your order up until the day before the expected delivery date. 

If you have recieved the wrong order/Bake it Box please contact us within 3 days of delivery and we will resolve the problem.

If you open your Bake it Box and discover an ingredient/s is missing please contact us within 3 days of delivery.


We aim to respond within 1 working day, except on Sundays when we are closed.