Chocolate Orange Truffles

Prep Time

120 minutes

Bake Time


Oven Temperature

Fan Oven


Gas Mark


Step 1

Using the large holes on the grater, grate one orange onto the chopping board

Step 2

Open the evaporated milk can, pour into small saucepan and add the grated orange rind

Heat on high until small bubbles form on top

Once it’s simmering on high remove from heat and allow milk to infuse for 25-30 minutes

Step 3

After around 20 minutes grate the second orange onto the chopping board using a finer side of the grater

Cut the orange in half and leave for now

Step 4

Break the chocolate lablled filling into sqaures and add to medium sized microwaveable bowl

Melt chocolate in microwave in 20 second burst for just short of 2 minutes until melted – stir every 20 seconds

Step 5

Once the cream has been sitting for 25-30mins there will be a skin on the surface so return saucepan to heat briefly and stir until smooth

Step 6

Next hold/place the sieve over the melted chocolate bowl and pour the orange flavoured milk through the sieve – the rind stays behind

Step 7

Stir the milk into the melted chocolate, add in the finely grated orange rind as well as a squeeze of fresh orange juice and mix until smooth

Step 8

Cover bowl in cling film and allow to cool to room temperature and then chill in the fridge for around 2 hours until firm enough to shape into balls

Step 9

Once the mix is firm enough remove from fridge and line a baking tray with the greaseproof paper provided

Step 10

Dust hands with cocoa little by little as you roll bite-sized balls and place back on tray – save a little cocoa to dust them all at the end

Step 11

Cover tray filled with truffles in cling film and chill again for 20 minutes

Step 12

Wash up sieve and microwaveable bowl

Step 13

After 15 minutes break up the remaining chocolate into squares and add to microwaveable bowl, melt in 20 second bursts again, stir and continue until melted

Step 14

Remove the truffle tray from the fridge and cover the truffles in the bowl with the melted chocolate – use a spoon/two spoons or the cocktail stick – it gets messy but have fun! Place truffles back on tray

Once they are all covered use the clean, dry sieve and dust the tops with leftover cocoa powder

Step 15

Finally allow to set in fridge and enjoy!!