Healthier Cookie Dough Bars

Prep Time

10 minutes

Bake Time


Oven Temperature

Fan Oven


Gas Mark


Step 1

Scoop out the coconut oil from the pot and place in a medium sized microwaveable bowl, and melt in the microwave until melted (around 45 seconds), check after 20 seconds and stir carefully

Step 2

Once melted add the peanut butter, almond essence and agave syrup to the oil and stir

Step 3

Add in the the oat flour and protein powder and mix until just combined

Step 4

Add 2-3 tbsp of tap water and mix

Step 5

Break the chocolate up into squares and using a chopping board and sharp knife cut into small chunks

Step 6

Add almost all of the chunks to the dough and fold them in

Step 7

Put dough in the lined tin and fill up 3/4 of the tin length of the tin, or pat dough evenly until you reach the thickness you prefer

Step 8

Sprinkle on the remaining chocolate chunks and push them gently into the dough

Step 9

Chill in the fridge or freeze until firm

Step 10

Once firm, cut into 12 bars