Strawberry Pavlova

Prep Time

15 minutes

Bake Time

60 minutes

Oven Temperature

Fan Oven


Gas Mark


Step 1

Pre-heat oven to 170°C and line baking tray (2 trays/tins if two layers opted for during order) with greaseproof paper

Step 2

Separate the eggs – place the yolks in a small bowl (keep to use for custard or scrambled egg) and let the whites sit in a large bowl
It is really important not to get any yolk in the whites

Either crack the egg and move the yolk between the 2 broken halves and let the white drip into a large bowl, or crack the eggs and transfer yolk between your hands

Step 3

Whisk the egg whites with a hand whisk/electric whisk or standing mixer until stiff
If you’re doing this with a hand whisk it will take some time but peaks will form – think of it as a arm workout!

Step 4

In a small bowl make a paste with the cornflour and vinegar

Whisk this into the egg whites with half of the sugar until combined

Step 5

Fold in the remaining sugar into the meringue with a spatula or spoon

Step 6

Spoon meringue mixture onto the prepared baking sheet(s) and make a large circle/ into the tins

Step 7

Bake in the oven for 1 hour or until the outside is crispy but not brown

Once baked, turn off the oven and leave the meringue in the oven to cool slowly

Step 8

In a large bowl whip the cream, sugar? with a whisk until soft peaks form and keep in fridge if meringue is still hot

If no additional ingredients were selected skip to Step 10

Step 9

If strawberry purée was selected during order – cut the green tops off half the strawberries using a chopping board and a sharp knife
Blend strawberries in a blender/ processor

Once smooth and runny sieve in icing sugar

Step 10

Once the meringue has cooled completely remove from the oven and carefully place on a serving plate

Spoon the whipped cream onto the meringue (if 2 layers made – spoon cream onto the top of both meringues and stack, layer with fruit in between or put all fruit on top)

Step 11

Using a chopping board and a sharp knife cut the green tops of the strawberries and either half the strawberries or keep whole

Decorate by placing the strawberries (and other berries if selected during order) on the top of the cream however you like

Skip to final step if no extras selected

Step 12

If purée was made drizzle on top of the meringue using a small spoon

If a flake was selected crumble on the top

Step 13

Serve and enjoy!

Store in the fridge, for a day or two, and either cover the plate with clingfilm or store in an airtight container